Viktoria - Melisses, DJ Kas

Mohamed Che Innamul|May 10, 2021|04:02|3.69 MB

MELISSES x KAS "VIKTORIA" - Official Music Video

Present Viktoria - Melisses, DJ Kas song, free download Viktoria - Melisses, DJ Kas MP3 from youtube prime title : MELISSES x KAS "VIKTORIA" - Official Music Video.
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Viktoria - Melisses, DJ Kas
  • Title: Viktoria - Melisses, DJ Kas
  • Youtube Title: MELISSES x KAS "VIKTORIA" - Official Music Video
  • Upload by: ΜΕΛΙSSES
  • Size: 3.69 MB
  • Duration: 04:02
  • Posted by: Mohamed Che Innamul
  • Category: Top 200 Greece


Viktoria - Melisses, DJ Kas Description

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Music Melisses Oge
Lyrics Melisses Kas Oge Z.Fragkou
Prod by Oge

Management PiaRista Giannis Koutrakis

Dir:Giannis Michelopoulos
Dp:Dimitris Lampridis
Dir.ass:Isidora Chrarbila
Supervision:Tasos Filippou
AC1: Marios Delias
Steadycam: Dimitris Lefakis
Mua:Maria vezz
Styling:Valeria Chrampani, Christina Papadeli
Production managmet:Tzou Stamatakis
Coordinator: Dimitris Pafilis
Prod. team :Dimitris Pafilis,Tzou Stamatakis

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